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Snapchat has launched an AI chatbot powered by ChatGPT.

Snapchat has joined the competition in the fast-evolving AI industry by launching its AI chatbot, “My AI,” powered by ChatGPT. The feature was initially available exclusively to Snapchat+ subscribers, but it is now accessible to all users worldwide.

According to a press release from Snap, “My AI” has been well-received by Snapchat+ subscribers, who have been using it to learn about various topics such as movies, sports, and pets. Currently, the chatbot receives nearly two million messages per day.

Snap announced on Wednesday that “My AI” is now available to all Snapchat users worldwide, with added features. However, they clarified that it is an experimental chatbot, and unlike conversations with friends, any content shared with “My AI” will be stored unless users choose to delete it.

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Moreover, the chatbot may utilize the information shared by users to enhance Snap’s products and personalize their experiences, including advertisements.

The most recent enhancements to Snapchat’s “My AI” feature allow users to design a customised “Bitmoji” and name their personal AI bot. Users can send Snapchats to “My AI” and receive a chat response, and they can also engage the bot in group conversations by mentioning it and asking a question on behalf of the group by using the @ symbol. “My AI” can make Snap Map recommendations or recommend the best lens for a snap.

In a news release, Snap explained that customers can ask “My AI” to offer weekend activities for their family or the best lens for wishing a pal a happy birthday. Users can currently only submit Snapchats to “My AI” and receive a chat response. However, according to the press release, Snapchat+ users will soon be able to send a visual to “My AI” and receive a “unique generative visual” in response.

According to Snapchat’s help website, Snapchat+ subscribers are presently the only ones who can remove “My AI” from their conversation streams.

According to Snapchat’s press announcement, “My AI” is not flawless, but significant progress has been achieved since its February introduction. The chatbot has been built by the company to follow community norms and to prevent improper or dangerous content. It has also added a new age signal that takes a user’s birthdate into account, and moderation technology is utilized to determine the severity of potentially dangerous information.

Snapchat is planning to include “My AI” into its in-app parenting features, such as the “Family Center,” which gives parents and guardians access to their children’s chats. This feature is available to both parents and teenagers.

Snapchat values user feedback in order to improve “My AI’s” safety, usefulness, and enjoyable experience. Users can provide the Snap team feedback on the product by pressing and holding any response from “My AI.”

Prior to the release of “My AI” to all users, there were reports that the chatbot advised a woman acting as a 13-year-old girl on how to conceal bruises for a meeting with Child Protective Services and how to lie to her parents about a trip with a 31-year-old guy.

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